Molecular gastronomy is science applied to cooking


By Eva Tang
Taiwan News, Staff Reporter
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2010-01-27 12:49 AM
Anne Cazor, left, holds her book translated into Chinese with Marion Guillemard during the demonstration on Monday.
Taiwan News
Science, applied to the art of cooking, creates wonders in the kitchen. Anne Cazor, author of Petit précis de cuisine moléculaire is in Taiwan to share her expertise in molecular cooking, as a part of the events during this year's Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE) that begins today.

"Molecular gastronomy delves into the physical and chemical processes that occur while cooking," notes Cazor in her book where she introduces 20 techniques and 40 recipes in the following 143 pages, "through which new recipes, presentation styles, and sensations are found."

From emulsification to caramelization to spherication, Cazor briefly explains the scientific principles involved and applies them to make playful and creative cuisines, such as Sweet Yolk made at 67℃ with dressings of vanilla flavored sugar on its surface, and Crépito Choco, which are chocolates made with effervescent sugar, or more generally known as popping candy.

"Egg yolk cooked at 67℃ leaves the protein uncoagulated and it is easy to shape the yolk," said Cazor during her demonstration Monday assisted by Marion Guillemard, a Culinary Stylist also from France.

"The sucre pétillant (popping candy) does not melt in the cocoa butter of chocolate; it is kept intact and yields a wonderful taste."

Having received her doctorate in molecular gastronomy from the founding father of the discipline Hervé This, Cazor built a website called Cuisine Innovation providing knowledge and training as well as an online shopping section for people interested to buy food additives, precision equipment, and kitchen utensils.

Hervé This's book on molecular gastronomy has been translated into German, Spanish, Italian and lately Chinese, which is introduced with Cazor's book in this year's TIBE. Cazor will also give live demonstrations on Friday at 15:30 in the Eslite Xinyi Store, and 11:00 on Saturday, at the TIBE in Exhibition Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center.

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本書《創新前衛的分子料理》作者Anne Cazor為「分子廚藝」研究領域的博士,同時也是「創新料理」(Cuisine Innovation)網站(的創辦人,更讓人驚喜的是,她。要。來。台。灣。跟。大。家。見。面。啦~


推薦讀者,不可錯過的是國際書展期間,《創新前衛的分子料理》作者Anne Cazor在國際書展現場,為大家示範如何做出分子料理喔~趕快密切注意以下場次!

Molecular Cuisine, amazing and so easy !
1/28(四)16 :00-16 :30
1/30(六)13 :00-13 :30
地點:台北國際書展世貿一館 法國主題館 兒童區
Molecular Cuisine, recipes for the future !
地點:台北國際書展大會 主題廣場


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